many people know me as a photographer. professionally speaking, that is true. photography is one of the most profound and inspiring outlets i have found in my life. it is my deep love and it is how i have come to share my stories with the world. 

what most people don't know is that i am also a writer. before photography ever became a hobby for me, writing was my chosen art form. as a young girl, i used words and the solitude they built for me to create my own world where i could be wholly myself, uninhibited and uncensored. my journals were my treasure chests; they charted maps of me and the world i was in and the worlds i imagined. they were the blank canvases that i could spill my heart onto.  

i remember i was taken to see a grief counselor when my sister passed away. for days, i refused to speak a word about her and the loss i was grappling with ... i was 8 years old. my world was upside down. sessions went by in silence until, one day, my counselor handed me a pen and a piece of paper. she told me, "just write down what you are feeling. write down anything. you don't have to share it with me. just write." what she didn't realize was that she was offering me back my safe space, my art, my world outside of the one that had just been blown open. and with that, i put words to my sister's death for the first time. ink showered the paper like a monsoon rain - i was silently telling my grief to the world ...  

i write to understand, i write to discover, i write to make sense of, i write to release, i write to heal, i write because that is what i have always done ... so, here i am, with a heart full of words and stories waiting to be shared; with hard drives full of photographs from journeys untold. i hope that this blog will become the stage upon which all of these are shared, and i hope that readers can find some inspiration, healing, perspective and insight from them. that is my deepest hope. to connect our hearts through words and imagery.

with love, 

emory hall

Emory Hall