about emory hall


emory hall is a boulder, colorado based photographer, writer and creative. her work documents the complex realities, vibrant cultures and ancient wisdom of communities from the farthest reaches of the himalayas to the mesopotamic borders of the middle east. an exploration of the beauty and strength of the human spirit, emory’s work fosters a deep sense of connection and wonder for all those experience it.

emory hall’s work has been exhibited in galleries and published both across the united states and internationally. she has worked with internationally acclaimed recording artists, teachers, artists, brands and more.

“i like to think that travel has just always been in my bones. my day dreams have always been filled with visions of a wilder unknown. and for me, it has never been about checking countries off my list or taking photographs and moving on to the next elsewhere. travel is much, much deeper than that for me.
at a young age, i was fortunate enough to learn that our passports are not simply a form of identification, but are also a privilege and a gateway to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world that we live in. travel, at its best, breaks walls down rather than builds them. rather than teaching us to reject the so-called ‘strange’, it welcomes us to embrace it. rather than perpetuating the rhetoric of differences, travel teaches us a universal language. rather than telling us who we should be, travel reveals who we truly are.” emory hall